Nov 20

I dont have much to say this week other than it was pretty good.  we had area conference so every stake and district in Africa South East watched a broadcast from Salt Lake this sunday.  the broadcast was sweet but no investigators from our area came.  i thought a few of them would for sure so that was disappointing.  it seems like ive been just trying to rebuild my area(and my last area) for so long now.  it would be really nice to have someone be baptized and actually be there for the baptism.

a good thing that happened was a member from our district had a friend who stays just out of the district area come to church for the broadcast.  she has asked to be taught by missionaries but stays out of all the missionary areas in the outskirts of blantyre so the only ones who will be able to teach her are my comp and I (if we get approval from President) since we have a car.  I hope we get to teach her because she is very smart and self reliant and will be a great investigator to teach.  she has a lot of potential as a member and has a family so we can teach the whole family.  and it is easy for her to come to church because she has a car to drive.  so i hope that happens this week.
its been raining more lately. this week we had a lot so ive had a very good break from the sun.  i hope youre all having a nice cold winter at home so that when i come back we get a warm one
have a good week
Elder Turner

Nov 13

This has been one of the great weeks of my mission.  I found A&W cream soda (its not rootbeer but still really good) and Dr Pepper so i had some to celebrate my bday.  Also sister Rose made a cake for me and Sister Rice’s bdays and that was really good.  

We also had a lot of success finding new people in our area who are prepared to be taught.  When we open our mouths to everyone we always find interested people.  Sometimes we walk by people that we feel we dont need to contact for some reason, maybe we are tired, it seems awkward or they pass by quickly but afterwards I might feel the need to go back and talk to them.  Every time this happens and we choose to contact the people we originally felt we shouldn’t, we either find out that they are interested or they take us to someone else who is.  Listen to promptings.

One lady we met used to have a friend who was a member who was always inviting her to church but she never went because she went to her church with her parents.  Her friend died many years ago and since then she hasn’t really had contact with anyone from the church.  That friend was able to plant a good seed and now I think the lady is very interested in what we will teach her.  It is cool how God knows the plan for everyone and things always happen in our lives that we don’t realize are part of the plan. Sometimes we don’t even know what the plan for us is, we just know what to do to be successful in His plan.  

I feel very optimistic about our area.  Elder Fuller and I are really enjoying being missionaries right now.  I think we will be having lots of people coming to church soon.  The other elders in our branch are on fire right now. Our meeting house is already small and I want many people to come but I dont know what we will do with them all.  Gospel principles class cant fit any more than it did on sunday in that little room.  

On Pdays I am driving a little getting some practise driving manual on the left side of the road.  traffic going the other way has been normal to me for a long time but knowing where the truck is is a little different when Im driving on the other side.  Im getting used to it though, it shouldnt be hard to learn.

Life is good.  And if its not good stop complaining and be happy cuz people here who dont have much are way happier than many people at home.

have a nice week 🙂

Elder Turner



November 6

ok ill explain more about the vampires because you looked it up.  people are very superstitious so there were some rumors travelling around that some blood suckers were stealing peoples blood and using it for witchcraft.  so like you found out people were forming mobs and killing random suspected blood suckers.  im pretty sure they were all innocent people.  anyway a few people died and also there apparently may have been some people thinking the missionaries might be vampires but all the rumors are gone now anyway and everything is back to normal.

it was nice to be back to work again this week.  although that did mean we had to do some finding because our area was almost out of people to teach.  we were able to find some good people.  sometimes I really dont know where to start to find people because it can be very difficult to find the right person.  someone who speaks english, is self reliant, is near the church and has time/is willing to meet with us.  but when we go out and do what we can, it shows our faith and the Lord decides when to give us someone to teach.  I am hoping that we can find many this week and help them progress towards baptism.

I found out from my last companion, Elder Ernst,  that they baptized a lady we were teaching this weekend and they will be baptizing 3 more of the people we were teaching this saturday including probably my favourite investigator to teach my whole mission.  im happy they getting baptized but I wish I could be there as well.  its been a while since one of my investigators got baptized (with me still in the area) and its making me feel a great desire to work hard.

i have been thinking more about personal scripture study this week and how it can help us.  i wish i studied the scriptures a lot more before my mission.  and right now im looking for ways to improve my study so its more effective for me and helps me in my area and as a leader.  i hope you all at home are studying everyday.

i enjoyed reading the letters from some of my friends missions.  they are doing great work all over the world.

the mission is great right now.  i love missionary work and malawi.  

have a nice week

Elder Turner


October 30

I just got back to Blantyre from Lusaka.  we drove straight to emailing from the airport.  We had MLC on thursday and we were supposed to fly back on friday but the flight got cancelled.  and then on Saturday the flight got cancelled again.  so we ended up flying out of Lusaka last night at 2am and had a layover in Ethiopia and then came down to Blantyre.  it was the only way to get us back home fast.  

the lack of flights caused us some trouble but with my extra days in Lusaka I was able to proselyte with the Elders in my old area and go back to Chainama ward on sunday so i saw many members and investigators that i left behind.  

MLC was good. we learned a lot and I was able to visit with other missionaries I haven’t seen in a while.  I think MLC will be one of the things I enjoy the most about being a leader.  now my companion and I just have to apply all the things we learned this week with our own zone.

im happy to be back to my area now because we have not had much time to spend teaching which is what we want and are here to do.

everything is good here in malawi.  the vampire situation has cooled down a bit so it shouldn’t be a problem this week i think.  Im not going to fill you in too much on that one so you dont have to worry mom and dad.

ill say more and send pics next week

happy halloween 🙂

Elder Turner



October 23

there is a story behind the lizard picture last week but its not as cool as you are all thinking so lets just say its super dangerous and i hunted it down and saved my companions life cuz that sounds like a better story.

i was only sad to leave a few people from my last area so i actually got over it really fast.  i was ready for a change and i got a good one

i got transferred to blantyre to be with Elder Fuller as a zone leader.  our area is called Zingwanga.  blantyre is super cool looking.  its in the mountains (big hills) so its super beautiful and the weather is nicer here.    ill focus on taking some pics of the are this week cuz its diffferent than my last areas.  people just build their houses here up the sides of the mountains.  we have a truck which is a lot nicer especially during october

Elder Fuller is good.  i already knew him and we get along really well.  and our zone is great as well but it is about to get changed a bit.  we are getting 24 new missionaries this week because the Madagascar mission is being evacuated and this mission is a refugee mission.  so our zone will get some new missionaries as well as we have a few still leaving because of the weird transfer situation.

my companion and I are flying to Lusaka on wednesday for MLC and will be back on Friday so i am pretty excited to go see Lusaka again.  maybe ill run into some people i know

this week has been crazy with business and new things happening.  between driving people around for transfers and other zl things and some issues blantyre is having with vampires (this isnt a joke), our proselyting time was limited this week so i havent seen my area too much but i think it will be a good one.  

everything is good.  enjoy your week

Elder Turner


October 16

happy mothers day in Malawi.  i dont call home though so pepani about that.  rumor has it i am being transferred to blantyre to be with Elder Fuller from Arizona who was in my district just a few months ago.  i will be a zone leader there.  i havent actually had the details confirmed with me yet but I believe that is where Im going. i am excited to go to Blantyre but i will miss my area.  i came in to it 4 months ago and it was a very hard area but my companions and I worked hard and gave it some time and now people are coming to church and preparing for baptism so that makes me want to stay but Ill go wherever the Lord says I should go. i found out that sometimes even though you have faith the Lord doesn’t give you what youre asking for because he is testing you.  its like one of those guys said in General Conference- do you have faith sufficient for the miracle not to happen or at least the way you expect it to?  its from sunday morning session i think.  that was one of my favourite talks. i found godzilla this week.  ill send some pictures of him.  you’ll see im basically the crocodile hunter. have a nice week 


October 9

The last few weeks have strengthened my faith that there are people waiting to be baptized in every area.  I dont know why the Lord has waited to bless us the way he is now but it has made me learn the importance of relying on Him.  Because of my area and something Elder Oguguo shared with me this week (its called the Ricciardi letter if youve heard of it, I dont know much about where it comes from but read it if you can) I have come to realize that the Lord is in control of His missionary work.  So even when miracles happen and then it seems like disappointments always follow them there is a purpose in the things that are happening on my mission.

One of our investigators came to church yesterday and stayed for both sessions of conference as well as one of the other elders investigators.  That is impressive because most of the members leave after the first session.  Our investigator is very committed to Christ and is very prepared for baptism.  She is praying about the date and we will decide this week when it will happen.  We have another lady who we will, put on date this week.  I am very excited for the next few weeks to be able to see some of our investigators make this big step.  Transfers are next week so I hope I am staying here and dont have to miss the baptisms.

I am having a great time on my mission.  Theres nothing better than bearing your testimony with power and seeing people feel the Spirit right in front of you.  Missionary work brings joy.

Have a good week.  eat some pumpkin pie for me

Elder Turner