Feb 19

this week was sweet.  that awesome family i was talking about got baptized yesterday.  the parents gave powerful testimonies.  this is what i can remember from the testimony of the father of the family – he talked for over 5 minutes and talked about how he is a theologian and had all the wisdom and knowledge to reject our teachings but he didnt because they are true.  and he basically exhorted everyone in the room to never leave the church with the true gospel.  and when he was talking about the book of mormon he said “from my analysis of 1 nephi and also 2 nephi, i knew it was true” 

he has studied theology and political science.  he is probably the smartest person i have taught on my mission and also one of the most humble.  it was so cool when he was bearing his testimony everyone in the room was just stunned.  he testified with a lot of boldness. it was a very cool experience.  the best part is these educated kind of people are the ones my companion and I have really been focusing on because we need strong members and families to establish the church here.  so to see a family like this get baptized we just see so much potential for the church in malawi because we know we can keep finding more strong families 

its transfer week.  my companion is leaving me for lusaka.  i was only with elder komakech for 1 transfer and i have been in this area for 3 but i guess im staying and hes leaving.  im happy to stay here, i love this area.  i was hoping we would stay together til he finishes his mission in may though.  i have not been officially told who is my new companion yet.

say happy birthday to riley

Elder Turner




Feb 12

The week was a good one.  In our area we are always finding new investigators but it seems like to find people who are serious we have to find a lot first who are not.  We can find a lot one week but still have to look for more the next week.  Last week it seemed like we ran out of serious people other than the 1 great family we are teaching and 1 or 2 others and we did not know why that happened but we ended up just spending the whole morning trying to find new people who could progress.  So we went out and talked to people and tracted and stuff and not much happened until a few minutes before lunch.  We did a couple extra houses before we went for lunch and we got a couple of good contacts.  Then later in the day we also found a few more people along the way that have a lot of potential.  I dont know if any of them will progress or not but now we can teach them and give them a chance.  I felt like maybe the Lord let our area dry up to see how we would respond, if we would get depressed and lazy or just go work.  I also feel like the Lord has been testing me like this a lot in my current area and in similar ways in my last area.  I know the Lord tests us and then blesses us after the trial of our faith and thats how our faith grows. We were supposed to baptize a family yesterday but their relative died so they went back to the village for the funeral and had to miss church/baptism so we will do it this sunday after church.  Transfers are next and I really hope i’m staying.  Im with one of my best companions right now and we are working hard and I love my area.

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Feb 5

this week was great.  we had a good zone conference.  the theme was about reduce and simplify just like MLC was.  also we are starting a new way of reporting key indicators which i think will be really helpful. it will help missionaries to be held accountable for their areas and keep focused on their goals.  lately I have been learning the importance of setting goals which is something that people often forget about even on a mission when we do it every day.  also the food at zone conference was so good.  my favourite thing about zone conference in blantyre is the food is always really good. 

this week we are planning to baptize a great family that we have been teaching.  they are super smart and humble.  they stay pretty far from the church but they are committed and they walk to church on sunday.  even the 8 year old twins and the 6 year old came on sunday so the whole family was there.  the family is doing a great job of studying the book of mormon. the 12 year old son has read through all of 1st and 2nd nephi (also he once read the whole bible through in 6 months).  its a great family.  we are excited for sunday.

Elder Turner



Jan 29

This week our branch had some long awaited baptisms.  We baptized 2 ladies from our area and the other elders baptized a family from their area that had been waiting to be baptized.  One of the elders was one of the Madagascar missionaries and he was worried that he would miss the baptism because they are in the process of taking the missionaries back to Madagascar but he was able to see the baptism on saturday and then leave the next day.  the baptism was cool cuz our investigators asked each of the elders to baptize them so all four of us baptized someone.  It was a good day and we think we will have more coming soon.

we’re still having more trouble with opposition with one of our investigators.  i dont know why people feel like they need to make it hard for someone else when that person just wants to do something good.  but it will work out with time.  there is opposition in everything in life

I dont have much to say this week.  Every day is the same. nothing new.   

zone conference is coming this week.  i think it will be a good one. 

enjoy your week

Elder Turner


Jan 22

heres some random answers to the questions youre asking.  yes we fly to MLC (missionary leader conference).  its a 40 minute flight to lilongwe and then a 70 or 90ish minute flight to lusaka but this time we stopped in harrare on the way to lusaka so i got to see a bit of zimbabwe.  we drive on the left side of the road so the steering wheel is on the right side of the car.  driving has come along pretty easy actually.  there are a lot of slow drivers in malawi and there are very few multi lane roads (i think only 1 in blantyre that comes to mind) so when theres a slow car or a truck struggling to get up a hill it gets really annoying for driving.

MLC was good.  the theme was reduce and simplify.  President said it was the theme that came from his mission presidents seminar which came from the Area Presidency who got it from the first presidency.  so i guess its a good theme then.  we will focus on that in zone conference.  it means reducing everything that gets in the way of what we are supposed to be doing here and simplifying it back to the basics.  the basics are what are most important in the gospel.  its funny, i never liked meetings very much before but zone conferences and MLCs are usually really enjoyable.  they always leave you feeling like you should work harder as well.

it was nice to see other mission leaders there.  i had fun.  i didnt see a lot of lusaka but i also didnt get cholera so thats a plus.  (theres a big cholera outbreak in lusaka right now).

this week is looking good.  we should finally start having one or 2 of the baptisms that keep getting moved back for different reasons.

things are going mostly great right now.  i really love our investigators.  we are teaching this really awesome family who study the scriptures together when we leave things for them to read and they all understand what we teach so well.  they will be getting baptized at the beginning of february.  im excited to see how this area grows cuz it has so much potential. 

thats all for now

Elder Turner


Jan 15

This week was alright.  With the transfer and my license being left at the mission home in zambia and other stuff it was a weird week.  We couldn’t drive a few days so it changed our schedule and some investigators were busy so we ended up doing a lot of finding.  The investigators we are planning to baptize seem to be facing opposition.  A couple were supposed to be baptized this week but they are going to Zimbabwe for a few weeks.  Another one is facing a tough situation from her former church and from family issues.  Basically someone in her family and the other church are teaming up and trying to manipulate her to stay in the church and stuff.  She knows our message is true though so now she can make a choice.  We have faith that God will guide her so she can do what is right.  She is my favourite investigator and I know she is going to be a powerful member, and I think that is why she is facing so much opposition right before she is supposed to be baptized.  

My new companion is great.  he is a powerful teacher and a really good leader and we get along well.  This week we will be going to MLC in Lusaka.  We will leave on thursday and come back on saturday.  i dont really know what we are going to do but its 2 days.  it should be good. 

learning to drive is going well other than people here drive so slow a lot and big trucks slow down the roads so its kind of annoying but i will over come it

Elder Turner



Jan 8

transfers are happenign this week.  im staying in my area so im really happy about that.  elder fuller is getting transferred to lusaka so thats too bad.  he was a really good companion. he worked hard and was obedient and we got along and our area started to do really well so these past 2 transfers have gone by so fast.  i feel bad that he has to leave right now when our area is just beginning to be awesome.  my new comp is elder komakech from uganda.  he is a great guy and great missionary/leader so im really happy about that.  he will come tomorrow.  also i will be the driver now so pray that i dont wreck the truck while im learning to drive.

this week was pretty great.  but it was hard to teach investigators about having a living prophet cuz i didnt know what to say since President Monson died.  one of the recent converts in our branch asked the other missionaries if we will still have a living prophet now.  i guess we need to explain how that works.  

we had a cool experiecne this week.  last week we met a family and gave them restoration pamphlets.  the dad used to be a university lecturer so hes a genius and his family is really smart and when we went back to see them this week they all understood the restoration very well and the father understood it better than most members just from reading the pamphlet.  we didnt really even need to teach it.  we went over it and gave them a book of mormon.  on saturday i called them and invited them to come to church.  it was just an invitation, they did not commit to it but on sunday the mom and dad both came!  they said they loved church and they believe everything we have taught.  also when we saw them after church, they had all read the introduction page of the Book of Mormon and several even read the testimonies of Joseph Smith and the witnesses.  we are very excited about this family.  they are not very self reliant currently because the father has been out of work for a few years and they live very far from the church so that might be a problem..  but the way they are progressing right now gives us hope that they will be committed enough to sacrifice to come to church each week.

everything is great in blantyre.  i love this place.  have fun in the cold 

Elder Turner