Sept 18, 2017

This week was good.  Same kind of things happening.  We had a lot of people we almost taught and then they fell through.  We also found a few people to teach though so im sure it will be better this week at least a little.  this will be a short week becuase we are having zone conference and then a district conference for lilongwe.  I had an exchange with the new elder in my district this week and we taught a couple lessons that felt very powereful to me.  It is cool to feel the spirit so strong just telling people things that youve known your whole life or when the Spirit is there, you dont want to stop teaching or working.

This morning we tried to help lay bricks for a lady building a restaurant where we like to eat.  She appreciated the help but we didnt do much cuz the guy she hired basically did all the work and we watched.  He knew what he was doing though. we probably wouldnt have built a nice wall.

Its starting to get hot here.  its been at around 30 degrees this week so walking is getting less fun everyday but we will endure.

be happy have a good week

Elder Turner


Sept 11

This week was ok.  Our area seems to be stuck in a pattern of finding new investigators and then losing them just as fast.  We still haven’t had someone come to church with us in a while. We were expecting the guy we put on date to come yesterday but something came up and he didnt make it. i feel like at a time like this is when i am about to learn something important because the area makes me look to the Lord for help.  Zone conference is coming next week and the topic will be having faith to teach repentance.  I am looking forward to the insights I have so i need to prepare through this week. 

Elder Mani got transferred out of the district so now Elder Oguguo is training Elder Elisot from American Fork.  I told him I come from Canadian Spoon.  He says he knows Curtis and Jared

I am understanding a little more how important the time we have is and how we should use it wisely.  so for you people at home invest your time, dont spend it

have a good week 🙂

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Sept 4

transfers are tomorrow.  it looks like im staying here with Elder Ernst for another 6 weeks.  im actually happy about that though because I really want to see some success happen in this area.  

we had a really slow week but i learned some things that will help me.  mostly about faith and desire.  im learning a lot specifically from an elder in my district from nigeria who my companion and i call the smartest missionary in the mission.

the guy we put on date still hasnt come to church becasue he wasnt able to make it back from the funeral due to car troubles.  we hope to see him this week.  and the other one we put on date a few weeks ago moved out to the village, i forgot to mention that last week.  it is tough with people coming and going so much here.

we had a powerful lesson with some of our newer investigators about the Book of Mormon so I am excited to see them again tomorrow.  my testimony of the Book of Mormon has grown a lot on my mission.

thanks for the emails and have fun at school

Elder Turner


August 28

This week was mostly the same.  Finding and teaching and stuff.  We managed to put an investigator on date although hes been busy and had to go to the village for a funeral on the weekend so he hasnt made it to church yet. He will be there this week though.  

Elder Koch from the area presidency here and Sister Oscarson the Young Women General President came to visit the mission this week.  The missionaries in Lilongwe went to a 1 hour meeting with them where sister Oscarson and her husband spoke to us.  They said some good things and talked about their missions a lot.  They were Mission President and wife in Sweden many years ago when they were in their 20’s.

We have some new neighbors in our apartment complex from China that are really friendly so we have been casually teaching them a little and they had us over for dinner last night.  They made real chinese food and it was nice.  Elder oguguo might find out how to make some of the dishes they served so he can cook them for us.  Talking about Mormonism or even Christianity in general is a lot different with people from China than malawi so its a cool experience to meet different people.

everything is good. have a nice week

Elder Turner

PS. tell adam and riley that west ed and laser tag isnt camping.


August 21

we have continued to find new investigators this week but were not finding the right ones because it seems like we are losing investigators almost as fast as we are finding.  the other elders in my district are doing well at least.  our branch has had 3 baptisms in the last 2 weeks and should have 2 more on sunday.  im happy for them i just hope we can see that happen in our area as well.

we have been teaching one of our newer investigators often and he has accepted to be baptized so we are really looking forward to that.  the only problem is hes moving really far away from the meetinghouse so we are hoping he is willing to walk all the way to church. its worth it so i hope he understands that.  

im learning a lot especially recently about charity.  we are nothing with out it so dont forget to seek for charity like Moroni says you should

have a nice week 🙂

Elder TurnerIMG_1874IMG_1875IMG_1872IMG_1878

August 14

Im soaking wet from the rain right now but its a good thing because there hasnt been any rain for me since May.  And I guess this probably won’t last long and I wont see any again til rain reason begins in November.  

this week was great.  it started off like a normal week but the last few days we were blessed to meet many new people to teach.  We found them in different ways and some even came to us.  So we are excited just to have some new people we will be able to see this week.  we both enjoying teaching investigators a lot and have been missing having many lessons so we have a lot of hope for the next few weeks

we had exchanges with the zone leaders this week and split our area which was tough to do when we already have so few people to see but we were able to find several that day.  

yesterday we had a dinner appointment with the American family and this lady who was at church who is a professor at BYU came.  I didn’t think I was going to meet so many people from different places in Malawi.

all is well. the mission is good. enjoy the last few weeks of summer

Elder Turner

August 7

this week was basically the same as last week meaning we don’t really teach many lessons and we struggle to know what we should do a lot of the time but some things are keeping us going.  we had a good lesson with the investigator we put on date a while back who kinda fell through.  I think we can resolve her questions next lesson. its sometimes difficult to see where other people are coming from and understand their needs when you have the gospel and the understanding that we do.  i guess i need to learn to put myself in other peoples shoes in order to teach them.  we also visited our new member family from America and we have a dinner appointment with them on sunday so it will be a good week.

near our house this week we found a man from the UK who lets us in to talk about God and stuff.  hes Christian and educated and set on his own doctrines so it will be interesting to teach him.  hes a lot different from any other investigator I’ve had.  hes also busy though so we cant see him often.

anyway im doing well though I am ready to leave this area for somewhere not so difficult but Ill go wherever Im supposed to 

have a good week 🙂